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Here is a list of tips that may assist you in reading through the Bible...

  1. Make Bible reading a high priority daily. This is in line with putting God first. This might mean getting up earlier or setting time aside prior to bedtime. Reading some in the morning and some at night is ideal. (Joshua 1:8)

  2. Have a Bible with you at all times! Some days it may be difficult to find reading time, so we really need to take advantage of our idle time. Whether it be in your car waiting for a train or arriving at a meeting 20 mins early, keeping a Bible with you at all times can come in handy, and help you keep on schedule.

  3. Read at least a chapter every day. Even if you go to bed very tired without having read anything, try to at least read a chapter prior to lights out, it may be something encouraging to help you sleep after all.

  4. If you are far behind (more than 6 days), which can happen, don't feel the need to catch up all at once. Try reading 2 days at a time or at least an extra chapter a day so that it is gradual. The point is not to burn out.

  5. Don't read too far ahead. If you know that you will be extremely busy over a few days, it might help to read ahead, but don't read so far ahead that you get out of the habit of daily reading, or you will miss the whole point.

Listen to an audio version of these tips.

To get the most out of reading the Bible this year and increase the odds of finishing, you may want to try the following:

  • Read in a quiet place, free from distractions.

  • At least once a week, Read the Bible without putting a time limit on your reading. Read the Word as if to devour it. I guess this might equate for many as to having a personal Bible Study for whatever day you are reading.

  • Pray before reading. If your mind is preoccupied, nothing you read will sink in. Pray that you are not distracted and that your heart is opened. Prayer works!

  • Keep a journal with you. As you read, if you have a question or have a revelation, write it down. You will remember what you're reading more and you can ask your questions on line.

  • Find a close friend to read through with you and discuss what you are reading. Don't wait for the conference call. God will use your enthusiasm to bless others and you will be blessed in return.

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