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If you are serious about reading the Bible regularly, then you came to the right site. There are a few tools on this web site that can help you.

1. Get in the loop.

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2. Decide what to read.

In order to read regularly you have to start by knowing what to read. If you are already a regular reader then I'd like to recommend that you attempt reading through the Bible, it is a life changing experience.

If you are not a regular reader then maybe you could read through the New Testament in a year or make your own plan using our Reading Plan Creator.

3. Prepare.

Starting a new habit is never easy, especially when doing something that develops spiritual growth. Take some time to read the tips page so that you can set yourself up for success.

4. Get plugged in.

Find someone to read along with you. Maybe you know someone close like your spouse, a friend that wants to grow spiritually as well. Another way to get plugged in is to join us on our Bible Team calls. Getting plugged in is essential to spiritual growth.

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