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Facebook Live: Saturday Morning Scripture

The format is simple. I read a chapter and then I discuss it. If you watch me live, you can join in the discussion.

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Weekly Bible calls

Want meaningful Christian fellowship?

Bible Call / Monday

Want more Bible discussion?
No Bible/Christian topic is off limits!

Join us Mondays on our
weekly Bible Team Calls.

Mondays at 9:00 PM ET (6:00 PM PT)
Call in number: (857) 232-0155
Conference Code: 265164

If you want to know more about the Bible Team calls, listen to this audio clip that is from our kick-off call in January 2010.

For our Super Saturday Jesus Rallies click here.

Everyone is welcome to join in on our conference calls. Whether you are a Bible novice or a Bible student of many years, you are welcome to join us. 

Our Bible team conference calls are purely interactive. While we do have a facilitator to direct the call, user participation is highly encouraged. It is not an hour of lecture or of Bible class, it is an exchange of questions, comments and highlights of the participants as they read the Bible.

The Conference calls were set up to meet the needs of two types of individuals:

1. For the person that doesn't have a chance to fellowship throughout the week.

2. For the person that wants more fellowship or just likes to talk about the Bible